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The Following Information Was Added to
Our Web Site December 2020

Does Smoking Really Decrease Stress?

Why Even Bother to Stop Smoking?

Pregnancy and Quitting Smoking

Dental Health and Smoking

The Impact of Smoking on Life Expectancy and Disability

Quitting Spit Tobacco Use

The Death of Innocence - A Poem

Why do we cough so much after quitting smoking?

The Stages of a Quit

The Horrid Hell Weeks of Quitting Smoking

Believe in yourself that you CAN quit!

Visualizations to help you to quit smoking

Developing a quit plan

Our Time Lapse article about the benefits of quitting smoking
over a 15 year period is cited in the following printed book:

Alcohol and Drug Misuse: A Handbook
for Students and Health Professionals

By G. Hussein Rassool

Our Website is mentioned as an excellent
resource to assist people to quit smoking in:

Que's Official Internet Yellow Pages

By: Joe Kraynak

Our Website page
"Some Interesting Quitting Smoking Facts"
is listed on WebMD as a resource.


Awards, Accolades and Print Articles

Our Web Site is profiled in 2 new paperback books:

  • "10 Ways the Internet Can Save Your Life"
  • In its 2nd printing - "Don't Quit Smoking Alone" by Michael Reilly
  • We are now listed as a valuable resource for the Canadian Lung Association
  • Over 18,500 web sites link back to our web site...now that's popularity!
  • The American and Canadian Heart/Stroke/Lung and Cancer Associations list our web site as a resource.



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