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Questions About Smoking & Your Health
some very important questions answered

Our Printer-Friendly Articles
print off our quit smoking articles

Some Great Quit Smoking Articles
some interesting quit smoking articles

What's In A Cigarette?
what's in a cigarette? you'll be shocked!

The Effect of Smoking on the Skin
improve your complexion by quitting smoking

Some Scary Things About Smoking
reading this should help you to decide to quit

Excellent Quitting Smoking Tips
a collection of tips to help you to quit!

External Links to Some Great Information
80 excellent links to the best information

Benefits Of Quitting Smoking?
what happens the moment you quit smoking?

Rationalizing Smoking
common reasons why people smoke

A Collection of Quit Smoking Articles
collection of articles by Joel Spitzer

Counters & to Measure Your Success
keep track of your quitting statistics

A Tribute to a Very Special Person
in memory of Bud Ellis

Diseased Lung Photographs
some real effects of smoking on the lungs!

Most Common Methods Of Quitting
most common methods of quitting smoking

Excellent Quit Smoking Tips
41 tips to gain freedom from nicotine

It Doesn't Take Long To Get Hooked?
nicotine addiction may only take days

Turning Teens Off Tobacco
there is a dramatic rise in teen smoking

Weight, Dieting & Fitness Links
keep the weight off while quitting smoking

Teenagers Smoking Section
a very special area for teenagers

What are the risks of smoking?
is smoking so harmful to your health?

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms
common nicotine withdrawal symptoms

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