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Surprise, of all the researched methods, hypnosis comes out on top..

Because we receive a lot of questions about hypnosis for quitting smoking, we have been doing some serious investigating. We have done a review of the research, interviewed experts, and have sampled a plethora of audio hypnosis programs that claim hypnosis can help with smoking cessation.

The Good News

The good news is that we learned that hypnosis can be highly effective for smoking cessation; research shows that when done correctly the success rate is slightly above 66%. Compare that to the success rates of trying to quit on your own: 5%, using behavior therapy 25%, or using Nicotine Replacement Products, 25% and hypnosis looks like the best option out there. In fact, there is no other method supported by research that even comes close.


The Bad News

It turns out that in order to get the 66% success rate, you have to pay attention to a couple of details. First of all, it requires at least 4 sessions. Yes, this means that all of those one session promises and traveling group hypnotherapy sessions are pretty much worthless. Secondly, there is a specific protocol used that only licensed psychologists have access to that the research is based on. Whether therapists studied at traditional schools or received accredited online degrees, make sure any therapist you see is licensed. When choosing a hypnotherapist, it is extremely important that the therapist be a licensed psychologist, otherwise the results will not even come close to the 66%. One thing we can tell you after this investigation is that the quality of hypnotherapy varies widely and it is very important to do your research before choosing a therapist.

An Affordable Alternative

Hypnosis audio programs for home use are getting to be very popular and in a lot of cases can be just as effective as seeing the therapist in person. The good part about these types of programs is that they are far more affordable and you can listen when you want, for as long as you want. We evaluated the most popular programs out there, and found one program was far superior to the rest.

The Non-Smoker's Edge – The Review
This 7-cd hypnosis program was developed by Randy Gilchrist, Psy.D. Dr. Gilchrist is a licensed psychotherapist with advanced training in clinical hypnosis. He holds a master’s degree and license in marriage and family therapy, a doctorate and license in clinical psychology and a certification in clinical hypnosis. Dr. Gilchrist works in private practice helping people recover from addictions to alcohol, drugs, food and smoking, among other things.

The program offers users 4 primary sessions of hypnosis to quit smoking:

  • Motivation and Confidence
    Learn how to build a strong desire to stop smoking. Reasons to quit and benefits of quitting are covered.
  • Overcoming Past Connections
    In order to quit successfully, we must change what cigarettes mean to us and the connections they have in our lives.
  • Creating New, Healthier Connections
    Time to reprogram our minds with healthier choices. Great guided visualization of cleansing our bodies of the toxins smoking leaves behind.
  • Preventing Relapse
    This session cements the value of quitting and provides help with avoiding a smoking relapse. Each hypnosis session is 25 to 30 minutes in length. Testers reported that not only was quitting easy, but that the sessions were relaxing and helped them with every day stress.

Supplementary Hypnosis Sessions

Along with the basic 4-session set described above, there are 5 additional 20 to 30 minute hypnosis sessions targeted at these specific issues:

  • Handling feelings without cigarettes
  • Weight management
  • Assertiveness / people skills
  • Energy and concentration
  • Pairing smoking with unpleasant experiences – also known as aversion therapy.

These sessions are helpful in preventing relapse by helping you resolve the issues that cause you to smoke in the first place. The weight management is very powerful and probably could be sold as a stand alone product.

In Summary:

Product Review: The Non Smoker’s Edge
QuitSmokingSupport.com Rating: untitled.bmp (2098 bytes)

This hypnosis program is a solid tool to help you quit smoking. The user is given a wealth of information and support, along with several hours of quality hypnosis sessions that can be replayed frequently. The recording quality is excellent, and Dr. Gilchrist’s voice is soft with a soothing cadence. He is extremely effective at helping the listener relax and focus.

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