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We are Nationally and Internationally regarded as one of the most popular web sites on the Internet dealing with quitting smoking assistance, self help, and resources to assist those who want to quit smoking. We were one of the first quitting smoking web sites on the Internet, (online since 1989). Our web site is used as a resource for many associations (American and Canadian Heart, Lung, and Cancer Associations) and major health portals with over 2,500 web sites linking to us!

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We have received over 70 awards  as well as having print articles written about us in various magazines such as USA Today, LATimes, NY Times, Chicago Tribune,  and Netguide Magazine. QuitSmokingSupport.com was also profiled in a segment of the BBC's popular TV program called "Tale of the Net". We are permanently listed at the Yahoo web site as "An Incredibly Useful Web Site", and have attained the coveted Seal of Approval, Argus Clearinghouse, University of Michigan.

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Mass Reach Audience -- Our site and your advertisement will reach a mass audience of Internet users who are either trying to quit smoking, attempting to stay quit or who know of people who are trying to quit. Our audience comprises a broad range of people from all over the world.

The vast majority of our visitors (over 95%) are:

1)  People who are in the process of quitting smoking

2)  People who are interested in quitting smoking to improve their health
3)  Health conscious individuals looking for information

Our web site allows your company to advertise directly to this highly targeted demographic group.

Loyal Audience -- QuitSmokingSupport.com has a loyal audience world-wide and continues to grow daily. Our web site is used as a main source for reliable, trusted and up-to-date quitting smoking information. Visitors rely on our services daily and we have established a loyal consumer base who have, through word of mouth, made us one of the most trusted and supportive quit smoking web sites on the Internet. 

Excellent Quality In Our Content -- All content within our site is checked for accuracy and our web site is updated daily. We only include information that is trusted and reliable.

Innovative and Revolutionary -- Join us in our desire to have one of the most interactive quitting smoking web sites on the Internet with a service that is completely unmatched. No one else on Internet offers this unparalleled support in such an interactive web site.

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