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Lets Get Inspired to Quit Smoking!
Special Interactive Areas of Our Web Site

Be sure to check the most recent addition to our web site featuring
excellent photographs and X-rays of
Healthy and Diseased Lungs 

Quit Smoking With Our Highly Recommended Non-Smokers Edge Program


Quitting Smoking...Survival Secrets!

Some very inspiring advice on how others have coped with common quitting
symptoms like crying , lungs hurting, not being able to sleep,
weight gain, irritability, and lack of attention.

Overcoming Smoking letters...

This area is a collection of submissions from people who have quit
smoking answering the question: "What was the main reason
why and how did you quit smoking".

Our Ex-Smokers List!

Check out our list of many thousands of people who have quit smoking
and see how much money has been saved!

Add Your Name to Our Exsmokers List!

Please feel free to fill out the online form to add your name to our
Ex-Smokers List! We update the list every weekend.

What are the Benefits of Quitting!

Exactly what happens to your body from the moment you quit smoking!

Noteables Who Have Died From Smoking!

A few of the notables we have lost from smoking related causes...

tip7.GIF (1496 bytes)The Straw That Broke the Camels Back!
A collection of very inspiring reasons to quit smoking.


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