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Some More Risks of Smoking

Smokers at Much More at Risk for the Following:

Muscle injuries

Angina (20 x risk)

Body pain

Nystagmus (abnormal eye movements)

Ocular Histoplasmosis (fungal eye infection)

Osteoporosis (in both sexes)

Cataract (2 x risk)

Cataract, posterior subcapsular (3 x risk)

Colon Polyps



Psoriasis (2 x risk)

Diabetes (Type 2, non-insulin dependent)

Skin wrinkling (2 x risk)

Stomach ulcer


Rheumatoid arthritis (for heavy smokers)

Impotence (2 x risk)

Optic Neuropathy (loss of vision, 16 x risk)

Tobacco Amblyopia (loss of vision)

Ligament injuries

Tooth loss


Function impaired in smokers:

Ejaculation (volume reduced)

Sperm count reduced

Fertility (30% lower in women)

Sperm motility impaired

Immune System (impaired)

Sperm less able to penetrate the ovum

Menopause (onset 1.74 years early on average)

Sperm shape abnormalities increased

Symptoms worse in smokers:


Graves' disease (over-active thyroid gland)

Chronic rhinitis (chronic inflammation of the nose)

Multiple Sclerosis

Diabetic retinopathy (eyes)

Optic Neuritis (eyes)

Disease more severe or persistent in smokers:

Common cold


Crohn's Disease (chronic inflamed bowel)



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