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Bulletin Board Posting Guidelines

As most of you know, I created this site and bulletin board 15 years ago to help myself and others to quit smoking.

Let's try to keep a few guidelines in mind as responsible citizens of this board.

This is a bulletin board for potential quitters from all over the world. In order to keep it a welcoming place for one and all, let's make sure the primary discussions that happen here are about quitting smoking. Off-topic content such as humour, personal photos are most definitely welcome - just please do your best to make sure the off-topic threads aren't the longest ones on the board, as that can be confusing for people seeking immediate help/information on quitting smoking.

Controversial subjects should be avoided wherever possible, as they are bound to divide our diverse community. Where you feel the need to express your faith, feel free to do so within your posts.

Just because people post their e-mail addresses on the board, does not entitle you to e-mail them without their approval. Please respect people's privacy.

If you have a problem with the nature of an individual's posts, please email me me directly, rather than the creator. We will decide together how to best proceed.

Some people work in open work environments, which means posts with music loaded in them can be disruptive to their coworkers and embarassing for them. If you wish to include music in your posts, please include a link only so that people can choose whether to listen to it or not.

As I've already mentioned, please make sure subject lines are concise, and that the name field includes your name only.

I hope these guidelines are all things we agree are easy to abide by, and make sense as we work to making this a welcoming place for one and all. If anyone has any other ideas on ways we can strengthen the board, please email me to share your ideas with me.

Thank you so much for your cooperation, and for all the support you give day in and day out - you all contribute to making this absolutely the best online support group ever.

Thanks for your support...Blair

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