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Some More Photographs of Normal & Diseased Lungs

Excellent photographs, pictures and x-rays of normal and
diseased lungs courtesy of Dr. Frederic W. Grannis Jr., MD, a thoracic surgeon.

We thank him very much for allowing us to use them on our website!


Bronchiectasis of the Lung

Bronchiectasis is seen here. The repeated episodes of
inflammation can result in scarring, which has resulted
in fibrous adhesions between the lobes.


Pulmonary Thromboembolus

Below the white arrow can be seen a fibrous band in
a peripheral pulmonary artery from a remote
organized pulmonary thromboembolus.


Medium Sized Thrombomboli

Medium sized thrombomboli
blocking a pulmonary artery.

Thromboembolus of Lung

A medium-sized thromboembolus
to the lung.


Centrilobular Emphysema

Centrilobular Emphysema

Thromboembolus at the pulmonary artery

Thromboembolus at the pulmonary artery


Pulmonary thromboembolus

Pulmonary thromboembolus in a
large pulmonary artery

Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic inflammatory cells in the submucosa. (Chronic Bronchitis)


More Pictures of Diseased Lungs


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