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Excellent Quitting Smoking External Web Site Links

We have selected over 80 of the best quitting smoking web sites that are available on the Internet. Please check them out as they are invaluable in providing excellent assistance and support.

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When will the cravings end?
That depends on which "cravings" you're referring to. Nicotine leaves the body, on the average, in 3-7 days (you can speed up that process by drinking lots of water or fruit juice and by exercising--with a doctor's supervision, ideally). That should take care of most of the PHYSICAL cravings, which are generally the worst; but then there are MENTAL/ EMOTIONAL/ BEHAVIORAL 'cravings' that you may have to deal with as well. These urges to smoke can appear, occasionally and unexpectedly, for months or even years after you quit. The good news is that, depending on how much work you're willing to do, or on how strong your support network is, these unannounced cravings can usually be dismissed quite easily and quickly. Many ex-smokers never again experience the urge to smoke.


This site grows along with the growth of the Internet. More excellent sites are being added the moment we become aware of them. All of our links are checked weekly for accuracy so you will always end up at the correct destination!. If you know of any sites that you think should be included here, please Email Us, and if appropriate, we will gladly add them. We get plenty of mail every week and always reply back within a day or two.

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