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Our Web Site Awards and Accolades!

Last updated June 2018

You may have heard about us from articles in...
The LA Times, New York Times, CNN, CBC Radio - Vancouver, Osaka Japan's Daily Newspapers, Readers Digest ~ Looksmart, USA Today, Starting Point (STPT), MSNBC.com, MSN.com, Yahoo Internet Life (Online & Print), PC World Online, PC World News, Sympatico Network, Internet World, Netguide, Netguide Now, Netguide UK, The Minnesota Daily, BBC - UK, Computer Currents Magazine, St. Petersberg Times, Internet News, Cool Canadian Site of the Day and Britannica's Internet Guide...

Our web site is listed as a resource on the American and Canadian Heart,
Lung, Cancer and Stroke Web Sites!

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Internet News Article...


Featured on

as an Incredibly Useful Web Site!;'


Cutting Edge Site


Computer Currents Article...


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Argus - University of Michigan


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Sympatico Network Health Award


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Netguide Gold Site


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Select Surf - Best of the Web!


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Cool Site of the Hour - January 2001, April 2003, June 2004, December 2006


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Cum Laude Design Excellence Award


Jayde Gold Diamond Award


Starting Point "Hot Site Award" for March 1997, March 1998, May 1999, December 2001, April 2002, February 2003, April 2206


Smoke Free Awards


Infoseek Select Guide


CyberTeddy Award


Top 25 Web Site of the World


Yellow Linkpage Upper Class Site


Touch of Magick Award


Dr. Websters Prescribed Web Site of the Day


This is a Royal Home Page
This is a Royal Home Page


Australia Top 1% Web Site in the World


Alters Coolest Homepage Award


Bouncy Smiley Web Site Award


Too Cool Award


Readers Digest Guide


"Blue Jay Award"


"Critical Mass Award"


Golden Banner Award


Medaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence


Compuserve Home Page of the Week




MHN Badge

Mental Health Net - Seal of Approval


Hall of Fame Winner!


Blue Planet Cool Site of the Day


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LynxOfTheWeekList 10 out of 10



Top 5% Web Designers Award



Who's Cool in America & International


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USA Today Hot Site




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