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Payment is due in full prior to the start of the advertising term.

All text links are "nofollow" to comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines.

No refunds after the advertising is mutally agreed upon and payment is received

QuitSmokingSupport.com has sole discretion for determining the types of Advertising and Promotion that will be accepted and displayed on the QuitSmokingSupport.com

QuitSmokingSupport.com will not accept Advertising that, in QuitSmokingSupport.com's opinion, is not factually accurate and in good taste. QuitSmokingSupport.com will not permit at any time the placement of any Advertising for illegal or objectionable products. Advertising must not contain fraudulent, deceptive, or offensive material, including material that misrepresents, ridicules, or attacks an individual or group on the basis of age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or handicap.

Advertising must not be related to any of the following: alcohol, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, gambling, pornography, tobacco, or the simulation of news or an emergency.

QuitSmokingSupport.com recognizes and maintains a distinct separation between Advertising content and editorial and decision-making content. All Advertising content on the QuitSmokingSupport.com Site shall be clearly and unambiguously identified as such, and QuitSmokingSupport.com will not run any Advertising on the QuitSmokingSupport.com Site which is not so identified. Additionally, QuitSmokingSupport.com retains the right to dictate the form and substance of all editorial content appearing on the QuitSmokingSupport.com Site.

Advertisers must only offer products or services which are readily available for purchase at the advertised price (with noted tax and delivery fees). The Advertising must also clearly identify the advertiser. Any Advertising that could be misconstrued as editorial content will be clearly labeled as Advertising.

No Advertising shall be permitted which may injure the good name or reputation of QuitSmokingSupport.com or the QuitSmokingSupport.com Site.


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