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    You own personal health:

  • Increases the risk of lung cancer
  • Increases the risk of emphysema
  • Increases the risk of cardio-vascular disease
  • Increases the risk of breast cancer
  • Increases the risk of cancer of mouth, oesophagus and other forms of bronchial cancer
  • Increases the risk of all forms of cancer not mentioned above
  • Increases the risk of stroke
  • Increases the risk of pneumonia
  • Increases the risk of bronchitis
  • Increases the risk of diseases of the eye (e.g. Graves' disease)
  • Increases the risk of back complaints
  • Increases the risk of ear complaints
  • Increases the risk of vascular constriction
  • Increases the risk of respiratory disease
  • Affects breathing quality
  • Affects the operation of the immune system
  • Causes deteriation of general physical condition
  • Increases the chance of impotence (erection problems)
  • Increases the chance of infertility
  • Reduces the capacity of the blood to take in oxygen
  • Increases the risk of dental illness

    The health of others you care about:

  • Increases the chance of miscarriage or damage to the foetus
  • Lower birth weight of children
  • Lower mental capacity (IQ) of children
  • Increased chance of SID (cot death) when the parents smoke
  • Increased chance of other causes of infant death
  • Affects the health of children
  • Affects the health of others in the environment
  • Sore eyes and eye diseases of others as a result of tobacco smoke
  • Increases the chance of contamination during sexual contact (semen, fingers)
  • Increases the chance of disease due to drinking contaminated breast milk

         The quality of your life:

  • Physical addiction
  • Psychological addiction
  • Social addiction
  • Loss of sense of smell
  • Loss of sense of taste
  • Limitation of the possibility of maintaining a relationship

    Personal hygiene:

  • Body odours
  • Breath odours
  • Evil smelling clothes
  • Yellow, unattractive hands
  • Bye, white teeth!
  • Premature ageing of skin leading to an older appearance

    Domestic aspects:

  • Stale air indoors
  • Increased fire risk
  • Dirty walls and ceilings
  • Dirty furniture, fittings and household goods
  • Filthy, smelly ashtrays
  • Chance of poisoning children due to swallowing cigarette butts

    Social aspects:

  • Inconveniences others in the vicinity
  • Handicap in social dealings
  • More difficult to get a job
  • More difficult to get a partner
  • Bad example to growing children

    General aspects:

  • Constant fear of running out of cigarettes
  • Often having to look for means of lighting cigarettes
  • Often having to look for places where it's possible and allowed to smoke
  • Accidents caused by smoking in cars
  • Becoming a slave to the profit motive of the tobacco industry
  • and Oh! the enormous cost!

    I'd love to accompany this with a list of reasons for smoking, but I couldn't find one which weighed against any single one of the above list!

    - Piers Clement


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